Republic Services On Strike!

Republic Services, which collect the trash and recycling from Cambria has had its drivers go on strike. Trash will still be collected at this time, but the recycling WILL NOT be collected until further notice. Please do not overfill the recycling dumpsters or place items outside of the dumpster in the trash enclosures.

Welcome to the Cambria Community HOA Website

Parking variance request forms, and Architectural Review forms, are currently available, as are updates on community upkeep projects.

December 2020 Annual Meeting Election Results

Arjan Dhaliwal and David Pflaum were both re-elected, and write-in candidate Anita Neubarth was elected to the vacant seat on the board; the annual minutes from the 2016 Annual Meeting were approved,  and the annual IRS Resolution also passed. Ernie Hartt became board president and David Pflaum became board vice-president, while the holders of the other Board positions remained unchanged.

What’s New (24 December 2021)

Posted results from 2021 Board Election (see above), posted notice about Republic Services strike and updated recycling information, and fixed some incomplete meeting minutes files.

Online HOA Board Meetings

Board meetings are currently being held over Zoom. For the link to the meeting, please contact Maria Wright at NN Jaeschke.

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If you have questions, comments, or submissions for or about the Cambria website, please contact us at

If you have a matter of immediate concern, please contact N.N. Jaeschke’s Customer Service Department at 858.550.7900 or at Our account representative is Maria Wright , and you may contact her at 858.550.7000 ext 7040 or Our parking enforcement company is  North Coast Patrol, and they can be contacted at 760.940.2776.